Sales motivation is all about doing what it takes to make it happen, and that means sometimes taking a step back and assessing what it is going to take. I’m sharing this because I found myself in this situation this past week. As most of you know, I keep a pretty crazy schedule that is jam full each day with sales meetings, travel, etc. I found myself becoming quite concerned with a problem I was working on, and I wasn’t pleased with the direction and plan I was about to implement.

Rather than trying to force the issue, I took a step back, grabbed a cup of coffee and with a clean piece of paper began to jot down random thoughts. At the same time, I began reviewing all of my notes as to what the client wanted, and suddenly the new approach for fell into my lap. Later in the week, I executed the new strategy and it worked. In fact, it worked much better than I had imagined. The experience revealed not just a new strategy, but more importantly it reaffirmed in my own mind the importance of taking a step back and reassessing what you’re trying to do.

In the end I found my level of sales motivation at a new high and I had the sales results to back it up. Take the time to step back and look at your customers from a different angle, use a clean piece of paper to jot down random thoughts, review your notes again and you may just surprise yourself with what you discover.

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