Just because it’s Thanksgiving week in the United States does not mean it’s not a good week to be B to B selling. I like the week for one reason — it’s a great week to pick up new business customers who might never have found you otherwise, but suddenly fall into your lap because their existing supplier is too caught up on the holidays to take care of business.

I tell all of my B to B clients to be very responsive to all telephone calls and emails, paying particular attention to new customers who may call you out of desperation. This is the best opportunity you’ll ever have to land a new customer, assuming you provide them a high quality of service in helping them through this short-term problem.

By helping them out now, you’ll earn the opportunity to serve them again, and again, and again. Before you know it, you’ve landed a new high quality customer. If you’re a sales manager, make sure your entire team is motivated to serve. If you’re a salesperson, make sure your level of sales motivation is high. In every case, realize that the next phone call you get or the next email you receive may very well be next year’s biggest customer…if you serve them right today.

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