What you sell is irrelevant. It’s what people buy from you that’s important.

This week’s tip requires a little thinking but I view it this way: If I offer you a steak dinner but you don’t eat it, then what’s the point of me offering you a steak dinner?  Sometimes we get so caught up trying to make our sales offering and sales presentation so cute and neat that we forget to determine if it is even something the customer wants.

Before we can put any offer out in the marketplace, we first have to do some market research to determine if there is even a need to fill.  Too many times we get caught up in our own pursuit of the “shiny object” that we think everyone will want it. We fail to see how the idea doesn’t have any merit outside of our mind or our company’s philosophy.   How many times have we seen companies spend millions of dollars launching a new item, only to see it fail because they didn’t determine if it was even something the customer would be willing to buy.   Ask yourself the following questions:

Does this item / service fill an existing need?

If it does not fill an existing need, am I capable of creating the awareness for the need?

How does this differ from other solutions the customer might be able to use?

Who needs this and how critical is it to them?

What are the top five benefits as to why customers will buy?

When you begin to really answer these questions, you have a clearer picture of what people are willing to buy.

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