Your “e-relationship” impacts your sales funnel more than you think.

You can’t get very far without hearing the term “social marketing.” Everyday I’m hit with emails of one type or another sharing views and insights on how to leverage the web. Despite all of this, I’m still amazed at the number of people who are not aware of how the web is either positively or negatively effecting them personally or their company.

There are a couple of very simple things you can do and it starts by setting up a Google alert account to let you know each time your name or your company’s name pops up on the web. I continue to be shocked at the number of times I run across a company that has zero clue about the negative things being said about them on the web in various blogs, social media sites, etc. While you’re at with Google alerts, set up an alert to notify you when your big accounts or major prospects are in the news. The key is to be aware of what the web can and will do to you in terms of helping to create traffic for your sales funnel.

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