Your phone skills are a part of your sales strategy. Never leave a voice mail message from a blue tooth or any telephone device you cannot be absolutely certain will deliver a strong clear message. Too many “hands free” devices are simply not strong enough to strongly communicate your voice to a voice mailbox.

Each week I receive at least one voice mail message that I delete because the person who left it is so hard to hear and it is impossible to know clearly what they are saying. I’m sure you’ve had these messages also. And if the person has an accent or dialect, understanding the message becomes even more difficult. Although I use only the best phone equipment money can buy, I still do not leave voicemail message with a “hands free” device. I may make the call with it, but as soon as I realize the call is going to go into voice mail, I switch to the regular handset. I do this regardless of who I’m calling. It may be a very loyal client or a prospect, but in my eyes, both deserve the same amount of respect.

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