Recently, the magazine Fast Company ran one of my articles in their on-line edition. (http://www.fastcompany.com/blog/mark-hunter/sales-hunter/position-yourself-leader).

Certainly, as someone committed to empowering and equipping sales professionals, I appreciate the article running. However, more importantly, what it makes me realize is how all of us have such tremendous access to so much information that can strengthen our skills. I know that in our internet and technology-driven world, there sometimes is a concern of “information overload.” But the positive way to look at all that information is that there are more nuggets of greatness that we now have access to from which we can learn. Plain and simple, you now don’t have to dig very far to stumble upon valuable strategies and tips.

Once you start tapping into available information resources, whether they be articles, e-newsletters, books, seminars, audio and video files, you soon discover that sales motivation is in your hands. It’s up to you to glean from all that information, find what works for you, and strengthen the skills you already have.

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