Confidence is an intangible for which every customer is looking and only a salesperson can provide.

I’ve had people challenge me on this, assuming that it is actually the product itself from which the customer derives their confidence. I agree with this to a point; however, when the product fails to deliver at the expected level of service, then the customer is searching for confidence elsewhere. It’s at that point the salesperson is the only one who can provide the level of confidence for which the customer is looking.

What the customer wants is that you will support them and help them realize their level of expectation is not only reasonable, but also possible. Today’s economy has caused everyone to increase their expected level of confidence. Simply put, people and companies are being extremely cautious about money they spend. The beautiful thing I like about confidence is it is not a cost to you the salesperson.

When you sell with a high degree of commitment and ethics, it’s only natural for the customer to have confidence in you. This is why I’m so bullish on the sales opportunities that are out there right now. If you are a person of integrity and commitment, then customers will see it and respond accordingly.

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