Selling is not just the responsibility of those employees who have the word “sales” in their job titles. It is the responsibility of every employee. A trend I’m seeing in a lot of companies this past year is a significant increase in the sales role of those who traditionally do not see themselves as salespeople.

I’ve watched many employees successfully step up to the front lines of dealing with customersl. At the same time, in other companies, I have seen employees resist the role they play in the sales process. Almost without exception, those companies are struggling.

If you are in sales, either front-line sales or in a management position, take the time to support and encourage employees in your company to embrace their part in the sales process. It possibly has not occurred to them the significant impact they can have in the company’s success. I realize it initially may take more time, but the truth is you need them. First, they can help you bring another level of expertise to your customers beyond what you alone can provide. Second, they can become raving cheerleaders of your service or product when they are fulfilling the primary responsibilities of their job. Third, they can help you develop even better solutions. They have insight from which you could learn. Ultimately, this leads to more sales.

Encourage every person in your company to take an active role in selling.

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