The further up in an organization you go, the less concern there is about price.

I get emails all the time from salespeople commenting about how they are getting beat up on price. The best way to not have to deal with price discussions is by dealing with people who are not as concerned about price as others tend to be. This means going up high in the organization to sell.

People at lower levels are consumed with price. They see price points as huge obstacles that must be whittled down, to help them make look good. People lower down in an organization believe when they buy things that that is what they’re doing — “buying” something. People further up in an organization look at buying things more as an investment that will help them achieve something greater. They view things as a way to help solve problems, create opportunities, or move the company forward. People further up in the organization are more likely to be strategic thinkers versus tactical executors.

The best way to get around price issues is by selling to the top of the organization and positioning yourself as part of their strategic solution.

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