Your level of sales motivation is impacted by various things, including what you read and post on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These tools are great for connecting with people from a prospecting or networking perspective, but be very aware of what you post and what you read.

As far as what you read, don’t spend time subscribing to people’s social networking sites if all they write is negative stuff. You don’t have time for it. Even if you say it’s important for you to keep up with that person, you ultimately are hurting yourself by investing so much time in their negativity. Find other ways to connect with them. Regularly exposing yourself to others’ negative opinions could usher you into the same shallow belief system.

As far as what you write, some of the same above principles apply. If you can’t write what you want to say in a positive manner, then don’t write it (in fact, don’t even think it!). All you’re doing is pulling yourself down. Your level of sales motivation is up to you and no one else. How you use social media sites is also up to you. As for me, I will use them strictly in a positive manner.

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