In a today’s down economy, customers need a payout now, not later. Sell to their immediate return on investment.

I’ve used this line a lot lately: “Companies don’t buy anything, they only invest.” This is more true than ever today and it applies not just to businesses, but also to individuals. Nobody wants to spend money unless they have to, and because of all the changes currently occurring in the economy, many people aren’t quite sure what to expect years from now. Therefore, the focus must be on today. The more we can demonstrate to customers how their investment in what we’re offering will provide them with an immediate ROI, the greater our opportunity for success. To understand what a customer’s ROI is requires us to take the time to ask questions that will determine what their expectations are. Don’t forget the simple rule of making sure you always follow-up with another question based on what the customer has told you. Many times, what they initially tell you is not the real issue and to find out what the real one is, you have to dig deeper.

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