An important way to keep sales motivation high is by having weekly sales meetings. They don’t have to last more than 30 minutes, and although they’re best done in person, you can do them very easily over the phone to minimize travel time.

During the meeting, the sales team (anyone and everyone who deals with a customer) should come together to talk positively about what’s happening in the business. Each person should be required to share one way that they impacted customer sales in the previous week, and the sales manager must be committed to doling out praise to any and all who achieved success. In addition, part of the agenda should include what the 10 biggest customers are doing, and what the key sales focus is for the coming week. Sales goals should be discussed, as well as strategies and techniques to achieve them.

Most importantly, once you start having meetings, don’t stop! Don’t let them become a “flavor of the month.” Attendance (including yours) should never become optional. Make these gatherings a key part of your culture, your success, and your sales motivation.

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