When asking a customer to make a major decision, never state your price and then immediately follow-up with a free offer or added bonus for ordering right away.  This will only serve to raise their concerns about what you’re selling and they may assume that it’s not really worth the price you’re asking.

As times get tough, it’s very tempting to start throwing out bonus offers when you state your price.  However, when you do this, you discredit everything you’ve previously said.  Not only do you cheapen your offer, but you destroy your entire value proposition.

For example, consider any one of the many television commercials advertising some great time-saving kitchen tool.  Right after they give you the price, they usually add, “But wait, if you order now, we’ll double the offer.”  Those simple words may entice you to buy right away, but they also serve to destroy any brand equity you may have in the product.

My advice to sales professionals is simple.  You build the value proposition with a customer by asking great questions and letting them see and feel the benefits of buying from you.  Then you close the sale with confidence, knowing the price you’re telling them matches the benefits they expect.   Don’t cheapen yourself or your customer.

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