Keep your level of sales motivation high by ignoring the economy.  I’m personally tired of hearing people tell how the bad economy is impacting their sales and they can’t close any sales because of it.  I think that’s garbage!

Forget the economy and go out and sell!  The economy may be trending down, but unless you have 100% of the sales in your segment, there’s no reason for you to allow the economy to impact you.  The economy might be falling, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t buying.  It only means some people are buying less.  Thus, your business is not going to be impacted unless you have 100% of it in your industry or you fail to ensure your pipeline remains strong.

In my own business, I’ve seen several deals not materialize and I know, without a doubt, it’s due to the economy.  However, my sales remain at record levels only because I’ve worked to grow my pipeline, allowing me to always have other deals I can immediately go after.

Don’t allow the economy to be an excuse for you.  Rather, use the weird economy to jump start your sales process by focusing on ensuring you have a strong pipeline.

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