When we buy something, we expect it to work perfectly.  Shouldn’t our customers expect the same of us and our sales process?

Every week, I run into salespeople who are quick to complain about the number of things that don’t work properly with the product they sell.  The reason they can’t sell more is always because of everything else – it’s never about them.    It’s a shame that these salespeople can’t take their blinders off and evaluate their own sales process.  I hate to tell you this, but everyday your customers are evaluating your sales process, and their conclusions determine whether they want to business with you.  If your customers are evaluating you, then shouldn’t you be evaluating yourself?    Take the time each week to do some soul-searching as to how you sell.  Review the questions you’re asking and the closing techniques you use.  Consider the service you provide and ask yourself if the processes you use are the same ones used by the top 1% of salespeople in your industry.  If they’re not, then you have room to grow.

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