Your level of sales motivation determines your level of sales success.  With that being said, why do so many salespeople allow the news media to negatively impact their motivation?  It seems that many salespeople take to heart what they hear in the news, and then begin to create their own self-imposed conspiracy theories as to why they are not successful.  It’s unfortunate because all they’re doing is buying into garbage.  In addition, the thing that most bothers me is how often the media is wrong regarding things like the economy.  If we were to believe the news media from a few months back, gasoline would be $5.00 a gallon in the US by now and oil would be at $200 a barrel.   Not even close.  The news media is good at taking any economic news and then drawing a straight line, as if the negative trend was going to continue forever.  Remember the electrical rate issue in California a few years back?  That sure seemed to blow over.  How about the fallacy from a few years ago that housing prices would continue a straight line up?   


If you’re in sales, stop buying this garbage and start creating your own news by viewing economics in a truly macro sense.  When you do, you’ll accept the fact that there will be swings up and down as expected within a much longer period trend-line which always will point towards economic growth.

I suggest that you go ahead and listen to economic news, but keep in mind that every trend-line has a corresponding trend-line going in the opposite direction.  The only difference is the timing of each line.  It’s a great time to be in sales for one simple reason: people need what you have to offer now more than ever.   Create your own trend-line for sales motivation by setting one new goal each week or month, and when you achieve it, take the time to celebrate your accomplishment.  If you don’t achieve it, still look for one element of the overall goal that you did accomplish and celebrate that portion of it.  Your level of sales success is determined by your level of sales motivation.

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