UPEF stands for Urgency, Pain, Expertise, and Feedback.  These are the 4 keys to a successful sales call.  What are you doing to ensure that they are included in your presentation?

A simple trick you can use to ensure you’re practicing UPEF is to develop at least three questions you can ask around the U and the P.   If your questions are strong, open ones, you’ll get the F you need to be able to demonstrate your E.  To help determine your abilities, take a few minutes after the call to evaluate your performance.  Ask yourself what you uncovered that helped you see their U, P, and F.  Also, note what you shared that allowed them to see your E. 

This concept is very revealing.  If used properly with emphasis on the U and P, you’ll find yourself closing more sales and, more importantly, you’ll be doing so at a higher margin.

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