When a prospect asks to see some information, only send them half of what you normally use on a sales call.  You never want to give them enough information to allow them to make a decision without you. 

Many sales people have this burning desire to serve the customer –  to “wow” them with customer service – to go the “extra mile”.  All of  this might be great, but if you do it too early in the sale, you can end up doing a huge disservice to the customer.  The reason is simple:  if you give them information they can’t process properly, it may result in them concluding that they don’t need to buy from you.  Barring geographical limitations or cost issues that can’t be eliminated, your goal should always be to have the customer make their decision in your presence.  When you give them too much information through the mail or an email, you are giving them a reason not to buy from you.  So, hold back on the information you send a prospect.  What you do send should be focused towards getting the customer to think about the pain they’re in and their need to fix it quickly.

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