A Recent Question About Using First Names When Cold-Calling

Question:  You say to use first names when you make a cold-call.  Should we be concerned that it shows lack of respect (depending on the person we are cold-calling)? 

Response:  No, using first names does not show disrespect.  I’d argue that wasting people’s time going through a bunch of formality shows far more disrespect.  Today’s business world is such that formal titles are no longer used (US business culture.)  Even when cold-calling, I suggest using their first name only.  Using their last name serves to confirm that you don’t know them.

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1 thought on “A Recent Question About Using First Names When Cold-Calling”

  1. I would agree totally with your response.

    I would make one other suggestion. When you use their first name, use their formal name not the short form, . In other words, Use Robert and not Bob, or Susan and not Sue. Don’t make the assumption they go by the short form. I learned this lesson the hard way years ago. One day I called a man Jim and he sternly corrected me that his name was James. Let them correct you and tell you, “Please call me Jim”.

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