The past few weeks I’ve had several people ask me this question — What is value? Each time I respond the same way — “It’s however the customer defines it.”

Too many times, we as salespeople think we’re offering our customers an unbelievable value.   How do we you know that?  We don’t, at least not until the customer tells us it’s a value for which they are willing to pay.  That’s why it is so important for us to engage customers with questions that get them talking. The objective is for them to tell us what they’re expecting in value.

Have a set of questions ready in advance that you can ask the customer.  Time is better spent asking the customer questions rather than blabbing about how good you or your company are.   A good process to use is to take each “value item” for which you think your customers might be looking and develop 5 questions you could ask them to get them thinking about that specific “value item.”

Your objective is to get the customer to tell you what they’re looking for and how they determine value. When they do this, you then have the ability to close the sale. Most importantly, you’ll be able to close the sale without discounting, because the customer will see and understand the value they’re getting.

So, give your sales motivation a boost today.  Stop thinking that you definitively know how the customer perceives value. Instead, find out for sure by asking the right questions.

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