Never negotiate with anyone unless they are ready to buy.

I hate to say it, but this is one of the easiest games experienced buyers will use on a salesperson.  They will let the salesperson believe they are ready to buy and make them sweat. The more the salesperson sweats, the better the deal, and then the buyer simply walks away.  The next step the smart buyer will take is to come back to you when they are ready to buy, only to use everything you gave them earlier as the starting point to begin negotiating an even lower price.

The game is notorious. It’s been used countless times.  For you, the salesperson, the trick is to not start negotiating until the customer has given you proof they’re ready to buy. If they are not ready to buy, it is essential you remain 100% in the sales and development phase.

Remember — only start negotiating with a customer when they have rejected your offering at least twice and when you know they are ready to buy.

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