Some salespeople can come across quite arrogant (which is differnt than confident). Arrogance can destroy sales motivation and sales.

It’s  far too easy for a salesperson to view the people with whom they are dealing as being lower class individuals than themselves.   I know I can’t change this attitude with everyone, but let me remind you of one thing. Just as it’s easy for salespeople to view their customers in this manner, it’s also easy for buyers to view their suppliers in this manner.

When this happens, the only outcome that is most likely in a buying/selling situation is arrogance.   They say the best way to change someone else is by first changing yourself. So, if you expect a buyer to change their attitude, you have to first change yours.

Interestingly, you can learn a lot from your customers and buyers.  And the knowledge you gain will more than likely be a boost to your sales motivation and ultimately your sales.  Be confident, for sure.  But arrogance? No way.

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