Sales Motivation Video: Don’t Send an Email. Pick Up the Phone!

Challenge yourself this week to not rely so heavily on email!

Pick up the phone and call that prospect or customer you want to reach.  Don’t let yourself make excuses for not calling!  There is no substitute for conversation.

Check out the video to see what I mean:

High Profit Prospecting
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2 thoughts on “Sales Motivation Video: Don’t Send an Email. Pick Up the Phone!”

  1. Only when you are talking to someone can you hear the change in their tone when something is right or wrong, appealing or uninteresting. Only by listening can you pick up the silence … the gaps between the words. The silence of uneasiness, the silence that follows a blinding flash of the obvious.

  2. This is a really good challenge, Mark. It’s so easy to send out an email especially when you”re not in the mood to do phone calls – and we do all have THAT day. I think there’s a proper time for both email and call, and for a proper reason. So I think this challenge you impose would really test salespeople if they’re emailing for the right reasons and not just using it as an excuse for not wanting to call a prospect or lead.

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