We all become victims of our own thinking and the thinking of the people we associate with.  I don’t mean to be negative, but at times I need to as a way to spur your drive to move your level of sales motivation to the next level. 

It is easy to slip into thinking our world is the only world, and when things start to not go the way we want them to go, then we begin to see our world becoming more and more narrow.  It’s the simple issue of living in a box and not being willing to get outside of your box.  It’s absolutely essential for you to put yourself into situations outside your norm. This might be meeting with people from other industries and other professions, it might be spending time with people from other countries, and/or it might be learning from people with different views and experiences.

Any way you do it, you have to allow the boxes you play in to get mixed up a little.  The purpose is simple —  to give you fresh ideas and different perspectives. Ultimately this will renew your energy to go after your goals.

I find myself looking at my business differently each time I return from a foreign country,  I find myself thinking more introspectively when I read a political editorial from a view I don’t subscribe to.  It’s simple —  get out of your box and look around. This doesn’t mean you have to change dramatically what you’re doing (although sometimes that is what can happen). It simply means you are intentionally looking for a new burst of excitement and drive to tackle your goals.  Don’t get stuck.  Your sales motivation and your sales success is in your hands.

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