telephone oldWe have all been in a situation at one time or another where a situation simply doesn’t go the way we want it.

It might be a customer reacting negatively to something or it could be any number of things, but suddenly you feel yourself fighting to stay positive.

When times get tough, most people fall back into their safety zone.

This means doing something easy or talking to someone who will give them some support.

For many people this means calling their spouse, significant other or maybe even their mother. If you make a call like this when you are feeling down about your sales, the only thing you’re doing is hurting your sales.


Simple… When you call someone who cares about you, they’re going to do what is natural, and that’s show you sympathy and tell you what you want to hear.  Basically, what they’re going to do is stoop down to your level and wallow in your own mud.

Sorry, that’s not going to help you sell.

The solution is when you get done from a poor sales call, don’t call your mother! Instead, pick up the phone and call your favorite customer.


Simple…Your favorite customer will be happy to hear from you and will tell you what a great job you and your company are doing.   That’s the type of news you need to hear.

Hearing a customer tell you how good you are and how much you help them is going to get you back up on your feet and selling.

The beauty of this approach is not only do you get back on your feet selling, but you also gain the opportunity to talk to a great customer. What happens is the great customer thinks even more highly of you because you reached out to them for no other reason than to see how they were doing.

Does this approach work?  You bet it does!

I’m not saying to ignore your mother. What I’m saying is don’t use your mother to pick you up. Let your good customers do that.

This way you can have the greater thrill of picking your mother up by allowing her to see you as a top-performing sales professional.

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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