Are you watching the Olympics? If you’re like millions of people worldwide, you are. Nothing wrong with watching the Olympics, but what are you doing with what you’re watching? Is it pumping you up? Is it impacting your sales motivation? I’m intrigued by the number of commercials that depict little kids and the dreams they have of one day participating in the Olympics. Why don’t we as adults have this same sense of dreaming?

Sure we may not be able to participate in the Olympics, but we can “participate” in our sales profession at a higher level. We can take our level of sales motivation to a higher level. Each athlete you’ve seen participating in the Olympics began their journey with a dream, and they continued with intense focus. The same applies to each salesperson. Success in sales begins with a dream and continues with intense focus and a desire to succeed, not simply to finish but to finish at the top. The next time you watch a sporting event, take a moment and use the event you’re watching as a challenge to you and your sales motivation. Strive to not just finish, but to finish at the top.

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