The U.S. Ice Skating team this year is being sponsored by none other than Steven Colbert and his “Colbert Nation.” You are probably wondering what this has to do with sales motivation? It has a lot to do with sales motivation, because each athlete who took to the oval had the potential to medal. The times between the gold and other medal contenders was many times only mere seconds or less!

The U.S. team requires money — a lot of it to be able to fund the training and activities necessary to be in contention. A few months ago, a major sponsor of the team stated they would not be able to meet their financial commitment. Upon hearing this, Steven Colbert the comedian with his own television show stepped up and began raising money. In the end, he was able to donate more to the team than the original sponsor was planning to donate.

The tie between this and sales motivation is simple. Many times there are things that occur that we have no control over, and in trying to work through the situation, the alternative may appear to be very unusual and different. The option may appear to be so different that it almost seems as if there’s no way it could ever work. This is where motivation comes in. People who are motivated look for the option that in the end allows you to not only deal with the issue at hand, but also end up in a stronger position than before. If you’re a salesperson, your sales motivation comepls you to seek out alternatives.

This is exactly what happened the U.S. Ice Skating team. They not only accepted Steven Colbert coming on board as a sponsor, but openly embraced him. In the end, both parties wound up with far more publicity than the original sponsor could ever have given them. Plus, by having a person like Steven Colbert so close to the team — it was only natural for his infectious personality to come through.

Next time you’re faced with an challenging issue, don’t allow yourself to be fixed on seeking out the traditional solution. Look around. Look beyond the norm and seek a solution that deals with the opportunity at hand, but also leaves you in a stronger position than before. This is what sales motivation is all about — being open and receptive to the realization that there are no boundaries.

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