toolsOne item I enjoy about my job is sharing with college students and business people under the age of 25 who are looking to make their move up in the business world.

I can’t be in a classroom without sharing with them my list of recommendations for sources to help someone become a sales leader.

It’s only appropriate I go public with it, so below are sources I highly recommend you rely upon.











Wall Street Journal



Bloomberg’s Business Week

Each one I’ve listed comes in multiple formats, which is great depending on the level of time and resources you have.   My best of the best is CNBC and their morning program Squawk Box. It’s on from 6 – 9 AM ET, Monday – Friday.

The reason I like this program is simple: You get a good analysis of the business scene, and the guests they have on the program are without a doubt the best and brightest people one could ever expect to meet.  I find myself each morning learning something new, and what makes it even better is I’m learning something new in a positive manner.  Unlike every other news program, Squawk Box is not negative thinking that will suck the life out of you.

For any student in college looking to make the business world their home, the above list is a must.  If you’re a 20-year veteran of the business world, this list is still a must.

The opportunities that are presented to us are huge, yet too many times we are clueless about them.  I see my time each day reviewing these media sources as part of my on-going “school of learning opportunities.”

If you don’t believe me about this list, I’ll challenge you to ask top leaders what business sources they monitor.  I’ve found the top leaders in business are top leaders because they’re informed and they use tools like this to help them do it.

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