When we are seen as showing a high degree of sales leadership with our customers, we have the ability to not only help them succeed, but also to achieve a higher level of profit for ourselves.

The beauty of this is the person who demonstrates sales leadership is usually showing a high level of sales motivation.

These two traits, sales leadership and sales motivation, compliment each other. The way they support each other is major.

When sales motivation and sales leadership work in tandem, this is where you will see exceptional customer service and profits.

Can someone be highly motivated but not be a sales leader?  Sure.   I will contend, though, that with sales leadership you in the mix, you will be able to achieve your goals smoother and be able to repeat success time and time again.

Reason I bring both of these up is it’s important for sales leaders to never lose sight of being motivated… and for people who are motivated to never lose sight of doing all they can to become sales leaders.

When the two are combined, the level of success will increase significantly.

First, your vision will be clearer and as a result you will see more opportunities.

Second, because of your positive state you will be in a better state of mind to make decisions.

Third, customers will be drawn closer to you.

Phenomenal sales success is built upon sales leadership and sales motivation working in tandem. Build a firm foundation and pay close attention to both!

Copyright 2012, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.


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