Profitable sales will always go to those who demonstrate the greatest amount of sales leadership. One way to develop and refine your sales leadership is by monitoring your “e-reputation.” I ran across this phrase the other day and was struck by it. Your e-reputation is what others may find out about you and your company via the web.

Maintaining a reputable status on the web is a worthy endeavor. I’ve always advocated checking your name in Google to see what others may or may not be saying about you. I’m not advocating trying to cover up bad news. All great leaders will always have people who are in disagreement with them. I believe that you need to take the time to see what is out there so you are mindful of what the negative news is and then can be ready to deal with it should it come up in a conversation.

The idea of developing your e-reputation is a lengthy topic for another time. For now, do what you do well. By taking the time to serve others and demonstrate sales leadership, the rest will take care of itself.

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