Take few minutes today with each of your prospects to either call them or send them an email asking them a question about their business. Too often it seems like a sales call is made and then the follow-up is all about chasing the customer to make a decision. Besides not following-up at all after the initial sales call, the worst thing you can do is call to hound them for an order or another meeting. A better approach is to follow up by asking questions that keep them thinking about the issues and concerns they have. You’ll never close a sale until the customer has seen how you can help them fulfill a need they have or a benefit they’re looking for. The best way for them to see this is by you asking them questions because you’re keeping yourself in their mind and your business on their radar-screen. By using the responses they provide to better focus your questions against their needs, you will demonstrate that you are the right choice when they do decide to buy.

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