Recently, the following question was posed by a conference attendee:

“The discussion for the 3 step shuffle was good to learn. Could tell me again the time lag I should have between the steps? I got the first step, 72 hours after exchanging business cards.”

The 3-Step Shuffle is awesome! I use it regularly. I was at an event today and picked up 3 cards and by tomorrow each of the 3 people will have received their first contact. In this case, I’m doing just a “thanks and great to meet you”. The second one I’ll send out in about 4 more days and it will be an article I found on the web that I’ll send out via e-mail. Then, I’ll wait a full week to give them a call. Now, I normally like to end with an e-mail, but in this case I’m choosing to end with a phone call because by that time, I want to either get the appointment to meet or be done with them. These 3 have the potential size where I need to move now or not at all.

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