Why do people think they can send out lousy emails and expect people to respond? Do these people think the people they’re sending them to are as stupid as they are?

I’ve been collecting the worst of the worst and it’s time to start calling them out. Some people have told me I should not mask who they are from and their company, but I’ll be nice about it and parse these out in pieces to protect the guilty.

Below are some of the pathetic subject lines I’ve received in the last couple of weeks.

Read the list and ask yourself if you’re guilty of doing something similar:

Hi, holidays are approaching! Let’s scale up

Trying to connect

Re: Trying to connect (as if throwing a “Re:” in front of the subject line will create urgency!)  

Best point of contact?

Ideas for Getting online Sales for thesaleshunter.com

Quick Reply

Re: Quick Reply

I screwed up bigly! Some corrections to my last email

Just left you a VM – Call with _______________ on Sales System of Action?

Just checking you saw my email?

Get serious! Would you open up any of those emails? If you would, I can only think you’re so bored in your job you have nothing else to do.

Before you go sending out any email, ask yourself the simple question. If you were receiving it, would you read it or delete it?

I’ll keep this simple, because that’s what it takes to write a great subject line:

Rule #1: If it doesn’t demonstrate value to the person receiving it, they won’t open it.

Rule #2: Keep it short. Not more than 50 characters and 4 or 5 words.

Rule #3: Don’t even think about bait and switch.

Rule #4: Don’t be a jerk thinking you’re funny. There are already plenty of unemployed comedians. No need to join that club.

Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing soon bad opening sentences.

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High Profit Prospecting
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