To think you’re the only one who has a fear of prospecting would be a lie. They say the two most dreaded things are public speaking and taxes. I say there’s a third — having to prospect.

It’s OK if you feel that way. I too felt that way at one time.

You’re probably thinking, “How can anyone enjoy prospecting?” But I say it is possible to enjoy it. Whoa, did I use the words “enjoy” and “prospecting” in the same sentence? Yes, I did!

Before we get to being able to enjoy prospecting, we first have to overcome the fear of prospecting.

Below is what I share with those I coach about how to overcome the fear of prospecting.

Take a look at the list and zero in on one or two. Work them hard and then move on and take another one or two. In a few weeks or a few months, you’ll have mastered the list and you’ll find yourself no longer being fearful of prospecting.

1. Write out a list of all the way customers benefit from buying from you.

Make the list as long as you can and then keep it right next to your phone or in your car. The point is have it close to you whenever you’re making a prospecting call. The list is to remind you as to why you do what you do.

2. Set easy goals you can achieve.

You might be fearful of picking up the phone. Fine, set your goal for today to make only one call. Tomorrow you raise the goal to two, and you keep the process going. By setting calling goals you can achieve, you’ll create momentum from your momentum.

3. Remember that it’s not about you.

It’s about the person you’re calling. Don’t lead off with statements. Lead off with questions. Your objective is to have a discussion, not deliver a lecture.

(OK, I’ll say it now. You need to buy my book High-Profit Prospecting. It shows you exactly how step by step..

4. Don’t expect overnight results.

Prospecting takes time, more time than you originally think. It’s no different than when you were in grade school and had a teacher you hated. When you were in that grade, you never thought you’d make it to the next grade. But you did!

Looking back on the grade with the teacher you hated seemed so long ago. Same is true with prospecting. It can take more time than you think to fill the funnel, but you will get there.

5. Don’t hang around negative people.

When you’re prospecting you need positive voices. You can’t afford to have any type of negative noises coming into your mind.

6. Celebrate success each day.

Regardless of how poor you might feel the day went, there is always something that was awesome. Always end the day thinking about the best that occurred as a way to help prepare you for tomorrow.

7. Remember that tomorrow begins today.

Never end the day without finalizing the list of who you will be prospecting tomorrow.

8. Be ready for your phone calls to go one of three ways — voicemail, gatekeeper or you reach the person you’re trying to reach.

Each one requires a different approach, be ready.  Let’s just say the process is in my book High-Profit Prospecting.

And don’t forget that the person on the other end of the phone who is ripping on you doesn’t mean to. It’s not personal and it’s not about what you sell. You just happen to be the person calling who is getting hit. Blow it off and move on.

9. Block your time in your calendar for prospecting.

Saying you’re going to get to it is never going to cut it. Schedule it and stick to it!

10. Never forget what you’re doing most others would never try and that makes you special.

You are someone who is achieving success far beyond what others view as possible.

Do you see anything on the list you can’t do? I didn’t think so. It’s not just possible. It’s doable!

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