motivationOne of the best ways I’ve found to motivate myself is to spend time motivating others.  When we focus on helping others succeed, it is amazing how it rubs off and winds up impacting us.

Putting effort into someone else requires focus and attention. If you think about it, these are two requirements when it comes to motivation.

Being motivated means you’re focused and giving a significant amount of attention to a dedicated outcome.  Think about this for a moment. Helping others and motivating yourself are incredibly similar.

Who are you motivating?

Take a moment to think about the people you motivate.  Just because you don’t have people you supervise doesn’t mean you don’t have people you can motivate.   There are people all around us we can motivate.   Your objective is to make an effort to motivate others not just each week, but each day.  The more you motivate others, the more you will wind up motivating yourself.

Keep in mind when I say “motivate others” that it means helping create an environment for the other person to motivate himself or herself.  In the end, nobody can motivate anyone. The best anyone can do is create an environment where people will want to motivate themselves.

Focus your effort on helping create an environment by looking at the positive and the possible, not the negative and the naysayer comments of others.  By helping others see the positive and the possible, you can’t help but see it and believe it yourself.

Positive environments are contagious and that is exactly the purpose.  When people allow themselves to be open, they become willing to become engaged in being more positive and more focused on achieving what others might think is impossible.

Your objective is simple. Motivate others, and in turn, you motivate yourself.

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