Pick up the Damn Phone CoverI must admit that I was hooked on Joanne Black’s new book the moment I read the line…

“Whether you read this book in 2013, 2023 or 3013, you will witness much change throughout your lifetime. But one thing never changes: People do business with people, not with technology.”

I also happen to like the line, “The digital world — as great as it is — threatens personal connections.”

And those two lines were in the INTRO of  Joanne’s new book, “Pick Up the Damn Phone! How People, Not Technology, Seal the Deal.”  She also wrote a great sales book called “No More Cold Calling.”

I’m a bit a junkie for sales books and sales techniques, and Joanne’s new book does not disappoint. It certainly is timely as well, seeing how we have a growing appetite for technology, sometimes to our detriment.

Even so, this is not a book that bashes technology.

No, instead Joanne looks at how we can become better at integrating technology without losing our genuine ability and desire to interact face-to-face and over the phone with customers and prospects.  Joanne didn’t write the book in a vacuum, but was wise to interview sales professionals for their perspectives as well.

Joanne’s heart is with referral selling, and it’s no wonder why.  She understands it incredibly well and has a passion for helping salespeople like yourself build success on the disciplined approach of referral selling.  As she says, referral selling is a “must have” sales initiative.

If you are looking for a practical book chock full of good ideas and written in a conversational style that’s easy to grasp, then invest in yourself with “Pick Up the Damn Phone!

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