Your customer may say they want you to react to their needs, but what they actually need is for you to be proactive. The proactive salesperson is the one who thinks about the customer and their needs long before the customer does.  The proactive salesperson controls their time rather than let the customer control their time. The proactive salesperson is more successful than the reactive salesperson could ever believe is possible. 

Video:  Great Salespeople are Proactive with Their Customers, Not Reactive

So, what kind of person are you- reactive or proactive?  Now more than ever, we need to be proactive. Customers are gearing back up but unsure of what they need; they’re not sure how to proceed. They don’t know because they’ve never been through a pandemic. And yes, you haven’t been through one either; however, that does not mean you’re not the expert. What makes you the expert is who you are and your knowledge.

Your customers need you! If all you do is help them with what they believe are their needs, your customer will never get past where they are.  It’s your job to elevate them to a higher level; this is how you create incremental value. However, you will never be able to do that if you see your role as being reactive. Become the proactive salesperson your customer needs, that is how you truly help them and yourself.  

The best example of a reactive versus proactive person is Steve Jobs and the iPhone. I share in my book, A Mind for Sales how Steve was proactive, and that’s why he came out with the iPhone. He came up with a solution none of us even thought we needed. If Steve acted reactively, he would have just settled for giving us new flip-phone. You’ll see more about this example in my book and the deep value of being proactive. 

Examine your customer list, and ask yourself if you’ve been treating them in a reactive or a proactive mode. Look at your prospects, look at the deals you lost, and ask yourself the same question – am I proactive or reactive? If you choose to be reactive, you’re setting yourself up to be the most average and you’re setting yourself up to be replaced. If, on the other hand, you choose to be proactive, you have the ability to be a top-performer and write your story. Don’t allow someone else to write your story; the best person to write your story is you.

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