10 things you can do now and a few other insights to spur your thinking. The worst thing you can do is think your lack of motivation is due to someone else or your environment.  Anybody can make excuses. You can never allow yourself to be a victim of your environment.    

Success is not delivered to you; success is something you pursue.  

Success is not wrapped up in a gift box; success uncovers itself as you dig deep into the box. 

Success does not begin with someone else; success begins with you. 

Success is not a destination; success is a journey. 

Motivation is as much an activity as it is a mindset. I continue to see and hear about how interwoven these two words – motivation and mindset – are; it’s amazing! I strongly suggest you watch my video as I share a lot more insights on how to motivate yourself and not allow yourself to be seen as a victim.  Here’s the link… 

Video:  How Do I Motivate Myself When Times are Tough?

You own your mind, and you own your actions. Below are 10 things you can do right now:

1. Don’t look at what you don’t have or have lost out on, but rather, look at what you have accomplished and what you’re in the process of working towards.  The number one roadblock people struggle with in motivating themselves during tough times is focusing on what they don’t have. If you want to spin out of control, adopt that mindset.  Take control of your mind by looking at the positive you’ve done and the positive to come.

2. Write down 10 things you’re thankful for – include the customers you love and how much they appreciate you for the ways you have helped them.  Keep this list handy, because each person, each customer is a credit to who you are and what you have accomplished.

3. Make a list of 3 people you expect to impact today and write down your leads and prospects. As you do so, intentionally see each lead and prospect as an honor to connect with; look forward to your conversations and possibilities that could arise today.

4. Review your 1, 3, and 5-year goals, and challenge yourself to take a step forward in each of them today.  Motivation is not a mindset focused solely on the here and now, it’s a passion for tomorrow to achieve even greater outcomes than you thought were possible.

5. Stay away from negative people.  You don’t have time for them, and don’t waste your time thinking you can turn them around. The way you turn them around is by not giving them the time of day.  Negative people are only happy when they drag others down to their level. Deprive them of that privilege. Trust me, you have better things to do.

6. Find 3 people who positively influence you, and spend more time with them.  Whoever we choose to spend time with will have the biggest influence on us. Furthermore, it only makes sense to spend your time with positive people.  The beauty is just as they are influencing you, you’ll influence them.

7. Limit the news you are exposed to.  I would love to be able to say that there is positive news out there, but that’s not the case; the negative crowds out the positive. Same goes for your mind, the negative news will quickly crowd out the positive in your mind.

8. End each day expressing thankfulness for your accomplishments and realizing the impact you had on others. Every day is an amazing gift, enjoy it to the max by learning from others and impacting others along the way.

9. Don’t dwell on what you can’t control. Rather, focus your thinking on what you can control. Keep in mind that motivation does not come from others; it comes from how you choose to look at things, so it’s up to you.  Successful people do not wait on others, they own the situation regardless of how others view it and how others handle it.  Nothing separates the optimist from the pessimist more than how they view things that are out of their control.

10. Look at every situation, regardless of what it might be, as an opportunity for you to grow personally and/or professionally.  The customer that says “no” is not a lost sale; it’s an opportunity for you to learn. Each day, and life in general is not a straight line; it’s full of twists and turns, and we never know what we’ll see at the next turn.  Most of all, we can’t forget that the valleys are never as low as they seem nor are the peaks ever as tall as they appear.  

View each day as a gift to learn something new and to impact someone else. Moreover, view each day as a springboard to make tomorrow even better than today. 

Success is not a destination; success is a journey. Make the most of each day, regardless of the day. Make the most of each activity regardless of how it might appear.  

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