Regardless of what your product is, it is essential for you as a salesperson to realize that what you’re selling is a service. Your product is merely how you demonstrate your service.  When you view yourself and what you sell as a service, you adopt a more information-oriented mindset. It is that mindset that equips you to be inquisitive with the customer versus being focused on giving product specifications.

A test you can ask yourself is whether or not your top 5 customers would say the number one reason they buy from you is because of what you sell or because of what you truly bring to the table as far as the sales relationship.   If they say the top reason they buy from you is because of the product you sell, then listen up.  You are not doing your job of exploring the added value reasons that allow you to achieve a higher level of profit with the customer.

There are so many salespeople who don’t understand this, especially if what they sell is something physical and tangible. 

The really successful salespeople — the ones who make it all look easy (even when it isn’t) — are the ones who deeply grasp their role as a service provider.  Figure out now which type of salesperson you want to be.

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