Ok,we’ve all been around people who are way too hyper. I know that some of you reading this might say that I can be way too hyper at times. You’re right!  I’m not going to bash being over-hyper, because I believe it can be a huge asset to driving your sales motivation.

What I am going to say, though, is that we do have to be careful that excessive amounts of adrenaline doesn’t result in us merely doing activities that don’t need to be done.  Busyness for the sake of busyness — just because you have the energy to do it!

If you’re one who can relate to being too hyper at times, then you need to be doing what I have to force myself to do on a daily basis. That is to have a very tight agenda of what it is I’m going to do and the expected outcomes of each item.  This helps me from getting caught up in something that merely comes along because of my over-hyperness. 

Having the tight list is not designed to prevent you from responding to new opportunities that can and will pop up. The tight list simply gives you a barometer from which to measure and determine if working on the new opportunity even makes sense.   For me, having a tight list for each day allows me to funnel my energy in a much more productive manner, which obviously results in achieving a higher level of results.

Ultimately, the end results drive my level of sales motivation, rather than the excitement of the new activity or some other distraction resulting from being too hyper.  How is hyperactivity impacting your sales motivation? Negatively or positively?

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