Is the Term Motivational Sales Speaker an Oxymoron?

A lot of people refer to me as a “motivational sales speaker.”  Years ago, I was offended by the term.  I now embrace it, but to be honest, I sometimes still cringe at the phrase.  Everyone in this profession, at one time or another, has heard a motivational sales speaker.  Why, then, are so many people still unmotivated?  The reason is simple: people may hear the words, but they fail to take action.  Even if you are a self-starter, everyone still needs to be motivated.  For that reason, I consider my role as a motivational sales speaker like providing you with a shower.  You don’t take a shower once and expect to remain clean for the rest of your life.  Instead, you take a shower regularly.  In this way, being a motivational sales speaker is not an oxymoron.  It only becomes one if you choose to not do anything different.

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