When you’re about to state the price, resist rubbing the back of your neck. Doing so typically demonstrates a lack of confidence.

Similarly, when your customer rubs the back of their neck, it often means that they have some issues that need to be explored. Wait for the customer to speak first, as it’s important to find out what’s truly on their mind.

The impact of body language is huge. We all underestimate how much it communicates what we’re thinking, whether it be in-person or on the phone. Rubbing the back of the neck is an incredibly universal body language gesture. That means that nearly 100% of the time, it says the person is thinking about something and it’s usually a concern or a problem. If you rub the back of your neck when you’re stating your price, it communicates you have a problem, so it’s best to avoid doing it.

Be conscious at all times about what your body language is actually communicating. If you’d like to learn more, check out the “Resources” section of my website for several articles you may find of interest.

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