voicesHow focused are you, and do you allow yourself to be swayed by outside voices and noises that tend to be overwhelmingly negative?

The Boston Red Sox recently won the World Series, and if you follow Major League Baseball, you will know the last two years for the Red Sox haven’t exactly been good. In fact, they started off this season right where they left off — terrible.

They were so terrible that in the middle of April, they were no longer selling out Fenway Park (which they had done for the previous 800+ games).

What’s the lesson we can learn?

Ignore the negative noise. Sports radio and for that matter everyone else were absolutely blasting the Red Sox, and yet the Red Sox did one thing — they stayed focused and made it happen.

If the Red Sox had chosen to listen to what everyone was saying about them, they would have easily packed it in and blown off the season.

Are you guilty of allowing yourself to listen to outside voices?  Unfortunately, we all do it from time to time.  Our goal should be to ignore the chatter and not allow it to influence us.

The Red Sox players knew they were better than what others were saying.  The same thing goes for us.  We know we’re better than what others might be saying.

The voices can be other people in the office or friends we spend time with.  It could be stuff we read on the internet or things we listen to on the radio.

This week challenge yourself to ignore the negative voices and noise. They’re out there, and unless you consciously block it all out, those voices will enter into your thinking.

This week you’ll have opportunities you never thought were available, but if you’re in a negative state of mind, you’ll never see them.  Opportunities come to those who are ready and focused and believe in themselves.  If it can work for the Boston Red Sox, it can and will work for you.

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