goalI’m continuing on my quest to tell you 14 things great salespeople do.

2.  Great salespeople don’t settle for average.

They are continually looking to not just make a number but blow past the number.  At the end of a year, they don’t shut down because a number is in the bank. They keep going!

It’s the last quarter of the year and you know you are going to make your number.  With that knowledge, you then begin shifting your focus to the next year and lining things up to get the year off to a fast start.

Yes, great salespeople do just that, but they also don’t play games with their year-end numbers to help get the next year off to a fast start.  If the business is there, they get it and they get it now. No delays. No games.

Nothing will frustrate a sales manager or senior management more than a salesperson who sees themselves as the only person they need to satisfy.    For each person who may be hitting their number, there could easily be somebody who is missing their number.  If those who have the capability to go past their number decide not to, then the entire team is at risk of not making their number.

Great salespeople get this. They know it’s not about them. They know they’re part of a team and, more importantly, they know the role they play in serving their customers.  This means not just taking orders, but going out and getting the orders regardless of how it may impact their individual numbers in the short-term or long-term.

Beyond merely managing to a year-end number, great salespeople see their goals as merely a snapshot in time.

They don’t view goals as the end number.  To them a goal is checkpoint for them to drive past.  They take pride in the speed with which they can achieve the goal. To them the goal is not making the goal, but in the time it takes to make the goal.

What goals can you drive past?

What can you do now to start positioning yourself to achieve a number you never thought possible?

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