If we don’t prospect properly, there’s no way we can close. 

Step 1 in the Sales Logic System is Contact. Of course, a clear subset of Contact is prospecting.

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Our close ratio goes up dramatically the more effectively we prospect. 

The number of deals you have to close is a direct reflection of the amount of time you spend prospecting.

Thinking about prospecting isn’t prospecting, and neither is networking. Prospecting starts when you pick up the phone.

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But first, who?

You have to understand your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile). This allows you to have the right process for how to reach out to them. 

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Your Ideal Customer Profile tells you how to follow up with them, connect with them and how to engage with them, because people in your ICP have common behaviors.

It also allows you to understand the real prospect’s potential needs because you’ve helped people like them before. What were their outcomes? Your previous experience and ability to provide those outcomes gives you credibility in the prospect’s eyes.

Your reputation arrives before you do. 

Knowing your ICP gives you talking points. Now you can be seen as a peer! It allows you to stand out when the customer checks you out online before they engage with you. 

It’s so important that your reputation builds on you and helps you create that level of authority. 

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Quality, not quantity.

Prospecting properly allows you to create a reputable qualified prospect list. It may not be 10,000—it may just be 100. But you’re cultivating existing customers that come back and buy more, too. There could also be referral partners, and centers of influence that help to generate more business for you. 

The goal is to spend more time with fewer prospects. 

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The Sales Logic System is about three simple steps:

  • Contact
  • Connect
  • Close

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