A healthy network makes you more valuable.

Why? You’ve heard it said: What’s the best way to increase your net worth? Increase your network. 

Let’s dive into 5 ways to ensure your network is an incredible asset. 

1. Power list

I recently moved to Dallas. Before I moved to Dallas, I built out a list of more than 50 people who I wanted to connect with. Most I did not know–probably about 40 of them I didn’t even know. I’ve got Ross Perot Jr. on my list. I even have Mark Cuban on my list. These are people who I want to get to know.

I may never get a chance to connect with Mark Cuban, although I have a feeling I will. But you know what? Along the way, I’m going to meet other people on my way to meeting Mark Cuban. 

This isn’t an ego trip. No, this is about building my network, because I want to understand what has made these people and what I can learn from them. And maybe there’s something I can share with them! 

Create a power list. And over the next two to three years, your objective is to connect with every person on that power list, whether they be in your city, your country, or wherever in the world.

2. Peers 

This is a smaller list of 10 to 20 people who you can count on for sound wisdom. These are people for whom you share mutual respect, and  you can call them up and get advice. You might call this your peer network.

Your peer network is also where a tremendous amount of referrals come from. This means not only referrals coming your way, but you giving them referrals. It’s wonderful!

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3. Mastermind

A mastermind group is a very tight circle of people who hold you accountable, challenge you on what you’re doing, plus you grow together with them.

These are people who really understand you and have your best interest, like a family. I’m part of a mastermind group with three other people who I incredibly appreciate. We talk and we text regularly and that’s from a business perspective. My wife and I are also in a “small group” with four other couples.  And again, we connect and we help each other out as we go through life. 

A mastermind group gives you insights that are given in a safe space. It lifts all of us up to the next place. My business would not be as successful today if it were not for my mastermind group. 


4. Coach

Tom Brady is without a doubt a GOAT, Greatest of all Time. 

He’s in his mid 40s now and he’s still still playing quarterback at a very high level. He has multiple coaches. If somebody at that high level of success believes in having coaches, then you and I should too. 

Having a coach is absolutely critical. One of the things that I love about my job is I get to coach people. (and I have coaches!) If you’re interested in that, reach out to me. Let’s talk. I coach a select number of people on a regular basis. 

Coaching is critical because the coach helps expose things, and digs down deep into helping you get to the next level. 

5. Mentor 

We learn a lot when we take the time to help others. My greatest growth always occurs when I’m taking the time to mentor someone else–because there’s something magical. There’s a level of accountability, of forthcoming, of transparency. Just like there’s a level of development that happens with the person who you are mentoring, it affects you too!

Yes, it does require work, but it always pays off. Remember you building a network like growing a tree. I like to think of having a Mark Hunter tree and it goes up and it casts a lot of shade over a lot of other people so they can stay cool on a hot summer day. 

Your network is your ability to be able to influence and impact others. But the flipside is also true: your network is your ability to have others influence and impact you. That’s how we make ourselves more valuable. 

A network is not something that you take from. A network is something that you nurture. And I’ve found this: the more I nurture my network, the more rewards I get.


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