Uncomplicate your sales process.

Do you think our customers are eager to participate in an 8-step process? A 12-step process?

Something I’ve noticed in the advent of ChatGPT and all these AI tools is it’s becoming even more complicated. It’s supposed to simplify the process, but actually it’s overcomplicating it. 

Read my tips about 10 Ways to Use ChatGPT in Sales.

Now I can send out more emails to more people. I can touch way more people. But to what end?

It’s time we put the human element back into sales. 

I want to flip AI around, and instead of using AI to reach 10,000 people, let me use it to reach 100 people well.

My business partner Meridith Elliott Powell and I are on a mission to create a new sales process, we’re calling it the Sales Logic System. 

Three simple steps: Contact, Connect, Close.

It’s time we simplify, and put the human element back in. Studies consistently show that customers don’t want to engage with a salesperson until the sales process is about 65% complete.

Why? Customers don’t trust salespeople. Salespeople have “commission breath.” They don’t want that!

Studies also show that in the absence of trust between the customer and the seller, price becomes everything. When trust exists between the two parties, it’s amazing how much more they’re willing to pay— and it shortens the sales process. 

By attending Sales Logic LIVE, you’ll leave with a blueprint of the Sales Logic System full of proven techniques to become a top performer. May 24th–Be there! Join us online, or in-person in Dallas, TX. 

What is the Sales Logic System?

Contact: It’s not about spraying and praying. It’s about getting very specific with your ICP, and tailoring the message. 

Connect: It’s about follow-up, and taking the customer through their journey by listening and looking downstream. When we do that, it’s amazing how we don’t just land a sale, but we land and expand. 

Close: If the first two steps focus on individualization and personalization, and there’s a high degree of trust, the sale closes faster and the close is the easiest part. Things don’t get bogged down because both sides know where they’re coming from!

The Sales Logic System  is going to help change how you sell. This has been a brief overview, but we’ll go in-depth at Sales Logic LIVE on May 24th. Don’t miss it, this is imperative to your growth as a salesperson, and reaching success. 

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