Don’t think for a moment that ChatGPT is going to replace you— it won’t if you are a confident, competent salesperson.

But you’ve got to understand how to use it.

My co-host Meridith Elliott Powell and I dove into this topic on a recent episode of Sales Logic, which you can find here

I took it a step further and interviewed expert Ford Saeks on The Sales Hunter PodcastListen here.

After much learning, here’s my take. Let’s start with two warnings.

1. Don’t believe everything

Don’t believe everything you see, or everything you read. Already we’ve seen enough situations where, for instance, Google launched their version called Bard, it failed miserably, and their stock dropped $100 million in value. In the case of Microsoft, same thing  in terms of attaching it to Bing. 

You can’t believe everything you see. However, it’s going to get better and better. Still, you’ve got to be careful. 

2. Check everything twice

Don’t make assumptions. You’ve got to be careful here because you run the risk if you ask ChatGPT something and you automatically take it to the bank. 

Instead, check everything twice. 

So, what can I use it for?

3. Questions you can ask

Before any meeting with a customer, you could ask ChatGPT, “What would be some questions I should ask this customer regarding X?” 

Now, the key to getting good information from ChatGPT is to be as specific as possible because it’s going to help you. 

Ford Saeks gets into the specific prompts he uses in Episode 74 of The Sales Hunter Podcast…How ChatGPT is Raising the Bar in Sales—available now!

By the way, the reason I said to check twice:  it’s amazing how you can get two different answers just minutes apart. I did that the other day. I was asking ChatGPT a very specific question, and I got an answer back. Then I asked the same question about 10 minutes later, and the response was different. 

4. Answer your FAQs

 You know your business so well, much better than your customers ever will. So here’s the situation: do you really understand and know the questions that customers might ask? Why not ask ChatGPT? It’s going to help give you some answers to some of those FAQs? 

You say, “What are the questions customers might ask if they were to buy X product, X service?”

5. Statements to share 

I like this because I can use ChatGPT to just give me some quick bullet points around X or around Y.

It’s also very easy to craft social media posts, even blog posts around a topic. Of course, it’s best to treat the response as the bones of your post to then add some meat and make it your own. Consider it inspiration.

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6. Prompting ideas

You might be in the middle of developing a presentation, and you’re just stumped. What are the real benefits that customers are going to get? Ask ChatGPT, and it’s going to prompt you with some new ideas.

 It may prompt you with some new things that you should explore, some new questions you might want to ask. 

7. Uncover new insights

ChatGPT can change your perspective because, unlike a Google search, it gives you all the information right there. It’s not about the curiosity factor. 

8. Speed the process

If I was working on a customer in an industry I might not be super familiar with, I might have to spend a fair amount of time out on Google to try to get up to speed. Now I can use ChatGPT, and it’s going to bring the information to me. It’s going to allow me to speed up the process.

9. Use it with Google 

Yes, you get some information from ChatGPT, and you think it’s good. Then cross check it with Google. What does Google say about it? Go back to some of the sites, and you can ask ChatGPT to share sources with you. 

It’s true! Ask it to give you the sources, and it will. You see, the key with ChatGPT is to get as specific as possible. 

10. Industry briefing

There’s no better way to really get up to speed on your industry than reading, exploring, and diving into different sites, articles, or books to become an expert.

Well, guess what? I can use ChatGPT to help me become that expert. I’m going to use it as an industry briefing. It’s also going to help me if, “Wow, I got to go into a new area. I don’t know enough about that area.” Boom. Ask ChatGPT. 

Do you  see how this tool can help you?

No, I don’t think ChatGPT is going to replace you. This is no different than when Google Search came around, and Google Search did not replace salespeople. In fact, I think our role in sales and our role to customers is actually increasing because of ChatGPT.

Why? Because the customer is going to be receiving all this information and  think they have the answers. They’re going to actually become overeducated, but it’s not all going to be correct, and we’re going to have to de-educate them. Only we as salespeople can deliver the insights, the questions, have the dialogue with the customer.

Only we can do that. Our job is safe. 


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