Top performing sales people earn their status not by setting goals, but achieving them.  There’s a big difference between the two!  I regularly hear from people who tell me they set sales goals, but routinely fall short of achieving them.  When I probe them, it comes out that they lack developing AND following a plan to achieve them.  For some reason, many people believe all they have to do is set a goal and somehow they’ll achieve it.  It’s not gonna happen!  Setting a goal without drawing up a plan to achieve it is really just dreaming. 

We’re now 1/3 of the way through the year and, for many people, the thought of achieving their 2008 sales goals is starting to look daunting.  To help get a handle on it, don’t try and achieve your goal at once.  Instead, break it down into smaller chunks you can deal with each day, each week, each month, no matter how far behind you are. 

Remember, top performing sales people get there and stay there because they never lose sight of their goals and, more importantly, their plan to achieve them.

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