Developing leads using the telephone is essential, but I continue to be amazed at how many salespeople leave voicemail messages that do everything but sell.  Today I got a voicemail message from another stupid salesperson who proceeded to leave a 30 second message telling me at least 5 product features.  After hearing it, I was confident there was no need for me to return the call.  Not only had he left me plenty of reasons why I didn’t need to buy from him, he’d also done nothing to bait my interest or expose any of my pain.   

Next time you’re forced to leave a voicemail, keep it very short.  Leave your name, your company name, and one question / statement designed to elicit either pain or interest.  Be sure to mention your phone number (slowly) two times: once at the beginning of your message and then again at the end.  That’s it!  Anything longer and it was a waste of your time.

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